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Do you find yourself stunned at that time of the month? You know what time of month we’re speaking of. The time when you have to go through your end of month expenditures and you sit back in disbelief over the money you have spent on your office supplies. You wonder how it could be possible that your company has ordered the same box of Avery labels six times this month. You check your supply and see you already have four boxes of the same label. As your hands starts sweating and your blood pressure starts raising; you realize that you need more control of your expenses and you need to find a way to reduce the amount of money you spend on your supplies.

But what can you use that will help you do you that? The answer is very simple. E-procurement! You ask yourself; what is e-procurement? Well it is only the single most important tool you can use to keep yourself from buying staples and white out in excessive amounts. It will tell you who is ordering what and when. It also allows you to decide who gets to order and how much of what. You may be wondering who offers this wonderful organizational and money saving wonder. That answer is simple as well. You can start using e-procurement for free at is dedicated to helping you save money and thrive as an enterprising business. We want to be there for all your office needs. When we started our company in 1994 we were at the beginning of internet business and through the ups and downs of e-commerce we made it. We feel that it is that endurance and ability to continue to grow through turbulent times and still manage to save you money that makes us the best place to buy copy paper, ink or toner cartridges from.

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